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Both Gary and John passed away within hours of each other??? That is strange. My condolences to both their families and close friends. We may never know what secrets he may have still held, out of fear or other reasons. While up in the Spokane area few years back I decided to stop by Johns business close to Coer d'alene without an appointment, might not have been the best idea now when looking back after the fact. I was told by John he was not there...or may have been his brother if they look alike. I just acted like I did not recognize him as a few people in the front office seemed a little suspect and nervous that I stopped into a public business like that. I could sense a little paranoia so my bad for not maybe understanding the situation there which may well have been founded. I was hoping for a more open invironment, but...I may have actualy met in person the Great John Bedini and for that I am grateful. Yes he will be missed.

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