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A man who pursued the Alternative Energy Field like Nikola Tesla himself

Dear John, you will missed very much even by those of us who haven't met you in person....

I haven't ever met him and so did a million other people on this Planet but he is known far and wide.....not only in the United States but also in the most remote corners of the world. I wish i could had attended his funeral ceremony.

This is one guy who has always stood up and taught all that he learnt and discovered about Alternative Energy and Tesla's work inspite of being harassed and even beaten up and ordered to continue usage of gasoline(this information provided by one forum member @Vinyasi)

Though most people may think he is only extremely popular in the US....i would like to add that he is extremely popular and loved in the WHOLE WORLD.

This is like a big blow to the Alternative Energy Community.

All this started with the SSG which intrigued so many people around the Globe and it started a rapid movement of research varying from the smallest level of backyard research/inventions to high end research labs....all inspired by this one man called John Bedini.
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