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This action of yours to call me mentally ill is classic because I say
what I want to say. You are free to do the same. But to call me mentally
ill is uncalled for and atypical of your person. I am a deplorable so you
have just identified which side you have chosen.
What do you think I should say Bro?.
You said you hate all Democrats and that they are satanic blood drinking child molesters. You said if you don't get your way there will be a civil war with American's killing one another simply because they have different political view points.

You are inciting hatred, racism and violence...What do you think I should say Bro?. Should I give you a big old hug and say you go Bro, go beat up or kill other people you disagree with?. Go belittle and degrade everyone who is different or doesn't agree with you.

The fact is if this was ten years ago and there was no election and I was talking like you are inciting hatred, racism and violence then you would probably think of me just as I do of you. Strange how times have changed and I have to wonder when people just stopped giving a damn about other people or feel the need to judge them so harshly.

In any case my prediction is that if Trump wins your country will turn into a fascist dictatorship within the decade. Inciting hatred, violence, racism and divided nationalism are straight out of Adolf Hitlers playbook. From your comments it seems clear you have taken the bait hook, line and sinker Bro.

A word of advice, if you are going to jump into bed with these pit bulls you had better commit to it because if you ever cross them they will judge you as harshly as you have judged everyone else without mercy. It is in there nature just as it is in yours.
Good Luck, I have said my piece and this has no purpose.

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