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Originally Posted by Turion View Post
I agree with your post. There has to be something added. This is where I believe what Rick showed in his videos may come in. He stated that an induction coil needs to have a make and break circuit in it, but at the same time, if you break the circuit, you lose everything.

Rick says that the make or break (so that you GAIN the power from the coil collapse) is in parallel with a capacitor that keeps the circuit "complete". This makes perfect sense to me, although I haven't tried it yet.

Power charges both the coil and the in line capacitor, filling the cap until there is both voltage going in and voltage coming out...a complete circuit. And then the coil in parallel is allowed to collapse, adding that SPIKE to the system which is the increase you are looking for, while the cap in parallel lets the circuit remain complete.

That is how he explains it.

As I said before, I don't really trust Rick, but I DO KNOW that coils can store a charge just like a capacitor or a battery, and that energy can be moved around to do work, just like in the 3 Battery setup we have been working with. And the spike from the coil collapse in the pulse motor (interruptor) is what makes the 3Battery system so efficient. So at least SOME of what he is saying has basis in fact I have seen on the bench.

Thanks Dave,

However, there is a huge difference -from the point of a Magnetic Field- not to allow the Exciting Signal that feeds coil to fall flat line, nor below zero.

There is a big difference between Make and Brake...versus Make before Brake...

Obviously, in order to fully understand this...we must open our minds into a Spinning Virtual Field...only then is when we realize that by collapsing and restarting the field (make-brake) we are just doing one step forward...and one backwards...that is all we are doing...therefore, no progression, no evolution for induction to grow, transmitted into higher, progressive currents in the output coil's winding.

Although I do understand your point about using a cap to store the spike charges into it...have in mind if that energy stored there would be enough to "restart" field exactly to previous state...or not allowing it to collapse.

About Rick's statement:

He stated that an induction coil needs to have a make and break circuit in it
That is plain and pure non sense statement...let me ask you...when does a Generator makes and brakes during its operation?

The Exciting Field in any Generator out there is ON at all times...the only thing that "varies" there...are Fluctuations of the Magnetic Field Intensity through Time, by either approaching or leaving the Points of Max Induction at Output Coils!!

Even putting it in "Classic Terms" it would let's instead say that all that changes there (Inside the Generator Exciting Fields relation to Induced Coils) are Flux Intensity Variations through time that never go zero, never reverse values...

Exciting Coils (Field Coils) never, ever go off...not in a brushed nor brushless generator.

Added Edit: Plus...why do you think that all Exciting Fields in ANY Working Generator out there do not use AC, but only DC?

For Generator Manufacturers would be much simpler to wire AC directly into the Exciting Fields...without any diode bridges, nor Caps plus all wires involved...that is a lot of money in savings Uh?...

AC goes in every cycle to Zero, then below to negative is a constant +Make, Brake(0), -Make...and so on and on...obviously not good, right?

People...We must watch carefully what works out there in order to make such statements that easy, much less to trust them!!


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