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The 4 Things You Need to Know About Hillary's Defense of an Alleged Child Rapist | Daily Wire

Articles: The Tragic Life of Kathy Shelton

Taylor was assigned a public defender, John Barry Baker, but Taylor reportedly wanted a female to represent him. Hillary Diane Rodham was in charge of the Law Clinic located at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. A year earlier, she and her future husband Bill had returned to Arkansas from Washington, D.C. Hillary had been a staff member of the House Judiciary Committee during Richard Nixon's impeachment and reportedly was fired for unethical behavior. Bill lost his first election in an attempt to become a member of the U.S. House from Arkansas. They both began teaching law at the University.

During Bill's first campaign in 1974, he met Judge Maupin Cummings, who would eventually oversee Kathy's rape trial. He told his son Gordon Cummings to keep an eye on Bill who was striving for a political career. The younger Cummings would end up being one of Clinton's first campaign donors, and become a longtime friend.

When Taylor reportedly requested a female to represent him, Judge Cummings told prosecutor Mahlon Gibson (both men were staunch Democrats) to ask Hillary to represent the accused rapist, and replace public defender Baker. However, Baker recalls that Taylor never requested a female defender, and that Judge Cummings called him and said they were replacing him with the "woman from the student law clinic," and Hillary happened to be the only licensed attorney there. Even though Hillary has said she tried to be relieved from the case, Baker also recalled that she was very focused on winning, and once Hillary began investigating the case there are no reports she had any regret in defending Taylor.

Blog: Hillary's rapist client never served a day of his sentence

The sheriff in the 1975 case where Hillary Clinton defended an accused rapist and had arranged for a plea bargain says Thomas Alfred Taylor never served time in jail after he was sentenced. This despite a court order that sentenced Taylor to only ten months in jail.

Read more: Blog: Hillary's rapist client never served a day of his sentence
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Arkansas rape victim comes forward after 40 years to call Hillary Clinton a ?liar? | Daily Mail Online gordon cummings

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James: "Yes, 'Hardwired... To Self-Destruct', to me… I guess what it means to be is that… A friend of mine told me that… Sometimes he and I would get in trouble a lot, and is it just that we are hardwired that way. I need my friends to tell me some better decisions sometimes, and sometimes I don't. And just wondering if man in general is wired one way or another. But also, I think, a lot of these songs deal with man on the planet. Who do we think we are? In the history of the universe, we have been around a millisecond, and we think we can control the world and global warming and everything. Do we really have that kind of control, or is it [that] our time is finished? I don't know. So, a little bit of a cynical approach to mankind."

A vote of the people does determine who our president is, but instead of the popular vote winner getting the votes, he/she earns a number of electors which are allocated to each state based on its population. It is a vote of the Electoral College, with delegates equal to the number of Representatives and Senators accorded to each state. Each state, except Maine and Nebraska, casts all its votes for the winner of the popular vote in their state. Hillary could only logically receive 55 EV for CA. It wouldn't matter whether she won by 1 or 10 million votes, she gets the 55 electors allocated to our largest state. This prevents a lopsided vote count from spilling over into the general election. Liberals are nuts. Trump won the electoral college 306-232, a decisive victory, no less.

Kristy Bryan

The couple also had a third child, a girl, but police said she left for school just before the fire started.

School Day Schedule
8:45am-Students may enter the building
9:15am-School day begins

Rolesville Elementary School does host a before and after school care program on site. Morning care is held from 7:00-8:45am and afternoon care is held from 3:45pm-6:00pm.

Before School Care: 7am-8:45am important video early

Autopsies of the couple, released Tuesday, indicate both suffered "ligature strangulation and thermal injury." They were found side by side in bed at his home Roles 6205 Saddle Drive.

A black and tan, ligation consisting of interlocking plastic zip-ties is surrounded by the collar of Tyler Bryan; pieces of melted plastic were found in the left and right lateral neck Bryan Kristy, according to the report of the autopsy.

-1:35 Smoke layer descends rapidly, temperature exceeds 190F.
-2:48 Smoke pours into other rooms.
-4:33 Flames just now visible from exterior of house – first evidence of fire from outside. AT THIS POINT, RESCUE MAY NOT BE POSSIBLE. republic

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