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About this device...

I just want to write in simple words...again, my opinion on this device...

And I suggest before trying to start adding "thoughts" which changes the whole structure from its original and patented form...just think and think...and then again...think and rethink...

And like I always do...I will FOCUS PRIMARILY on the Magnetic Field.

A starting Priming Magnetic Field is Generated in the very inner core and coils A, which magnetizes all other surrounding iron tubular cores plus coils.

In order for this device to work, there must be a Fluctuation of the Spatial Magnetic Field, which is NOT about collapsing it to zero or below...BUT just "weakening" it and "strengthening" it.

But before, we must have a sufficiently strong magnetic field as to be able to strongly magnetize all outer iron components, this would be Max Field VA values.

Then it is "primed" with a current fluctuation as Cook uses a Rheostat and a Battery...until reaching Minimal Values without killing Dipole (Magnetic Field) [Rheostat must have a mechanical stop before reaching zero or opening the circuit]..This "operation" must be done a few times, (And so do not expect that just like pulling the cord from a Two Cycles, fined tuned Lawnmower it will start right away)...this process is the key and starting slowly decreasing and increasing it til reaching heavy currents above input are obtained.

This process is exactly like priming a setting it in "choke" with butterfly semi-closed (before pulling cranking cord)...and if we have any defective "circuit" too much iron mass at secondaries, a bad connection...or a clogged fuel line...or a bad compression...a fuel soaked spark plug...and so thousands of possibilities of will simply never start.

As Cook writes on Patent...once it starts then it (the retracting Field) will self regenerate energy back into inner primaries and process will recycle over and over...however, we all know about losses here...which even being minimal under normal conditions it should keep decreasing/, we have here a missing link, the driver to maintain cycles timely operative, (in that Lawnmower it is just a very tiny magnet ...set at flywheel and a respective static pickup coil aligned...which timely sparks at perfect timing for explosion to take place at the very right TDC and suitable just take that little magnet off...and watch if machine would run...) which in order to run, could just draw from output some minimal energy to keep running...maybe a small motor turning rheostat?

Who knows...

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