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Not so fast?

Originally Posted by boguslaw View Post
Not so fast Ufopolitics

To prove he was unsuccessful you need to know more about the device he produced. I strongly believe it is the base ground for every important invention from his times up to now. Hubbard,Figuera,nazi flying saucer and probably many many more including Tariel Kapanadze first device and other inventions actually presented on youtube. Now the information is very incomplete but the same was for Figuera when we had only one old newspaper article at the beginning.

Hello Boguslaw,

Figuera died a few days after he filed the 1908 Patent, having signed some documents with some Bankers...then this Clown of Buforn (Bufón means Clown in Spanish) who started talking about the Sun and the Stars...and just copycatting Figuera's work , the Master who initially got everything together... we all could realize all the BS behind whenever any inventions like Cook's is shown...

I always look for this final "Farewells"...they all match...with similar ends...disbelief, crazy people, not "educated enough"...mysterious deaths...and all kind of "Halloween Ends"......or pure Hoaxs, Scams...etc,etc

Same exact thing has happened throughout History...same old story...same really gets boring.

Do we still have something called "The Benefit of the Doubt"??!!

I know very well I do...

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