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Originally Posted by Core View Post
Well, with all do respect, the reporter never claims to see the machine running, also Cook himself states the machine is not completed.

Where is the quote that the reporter actually SAW the machine in operation. There is no eyewitness report of such a fact. Re-read the last 5 paragraphs of the report.
His assistant having arrived , who by the way is a young lady of handsome appearance , the work of demonstration began. I tested the current in several ways and found it very powerful. Having made electricity somewhat of a study , I was surprised at the simplicity of many of the principles. The manner in which he expects to get the results heretofore mentioned is theoretically correct , and there is no mechanical difficulty which he has not already overcome.
Reporter is then taken to another room where the smallest of the Three machines was...and it was still under development. The one tested above was the 300 pounds in weight...roughly made.

Originally Posted by Core View Post
I understand very well we all want to believe all these stories are true, however we need to be careful not to add events where they don't exist.

His patent might of been filed to secure his intellectual property, and that's it. Did anyone else know that he had a bother as an assistant? Because the reporter claims his sister-in-law was the assistant and the biography claims his brother was.

It is not that ..."I want to believe..."...It happens that when you get the Big Picture about where all this "Mystery" lies, due to many, many thousand of hours of research and development....then you would be able to see beyond the normal ways to watch all "Material Evidence" exposed...

It seems Cook was trying to "compact" the size of his invention in size and weight...and at that time, batteries were not like today we have Lipo's that carry very high density currents which could create very strong magnetic fields to "prime" machine...

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