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Originally Posted by BroMikey View Post
Good news, are you saying that the PV panel is collecting enough
light inside your home to power electronics?

I must have forgotten you had a 60HZ unit of some kind on order?
Hello BroMikey,

NO! that is NOT what I said. there is NO solar panel that will work inside
a residence that I know of!

What I did say was that I was using a PV panel to power a voltage controller
and feed DCV into a battery (SORRY ONE AT PRESENT) and that battery was being used to power a 1000 watt inverter which was in turn powering the
SINGLE TORIOD CAPTOR (B&L ORIGIN) with about .37 amp which still
registers the 106.9 AC amps when it was first constructed quite awhile back.

What I did not say was how I was able to do that and do it inside my home whether it was day or night - dim light or TOTAL DARKNESS - no difference.
I am still not ready to say how this was accomplished and will not until I have made the design improvements (mentioned in the previous post I
made) after the 16th of this month (cash day).
Even then I want to make days of run time to validate what I will say at a later date.

The statement about the 60 Hertz system simply refers back to the INVERTER! YOU KNOW - 60 hertz inverter!!! Powering the toroid Captor
makes it operate at 60 hertz ALSO!!! that's what I really loved about the B&L
system way back when. a simple 60 hertz household electric supply!
uncomplicated and nice. no motors - no generators - just QUIET.

I was really laughing inside making this reply, It is very good to see you interested in the goings on.

As always BRO, glad for the comments and interest.

Best to You and All,


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