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Center of Gravity Analysis

Hey vidbid et al,

Yes, the YouTube videos look good, but a simple "center of gravity" analysis of the device shows that the center of gravity moves in a tight, uniform oval just below the axle. It shows that the weight of the moving fluids are distributed evenly on either side of the axle, strongly suggesting that the wheel is never heavier on one side or the other. Here's an image of the simple analysis:

So, the wheel is most likely not "driven" by gravity. That leaves the possibility of the wheel being "driven" by the differential of the liquid "sloshing" to the outside on the left side of the wheel producing more force than the liquid "sloshing" backwards to the inside on the right side of the wheel. I consider this "unlikely" as well.

Considering these two realities, it strongly suggests that it "shouldn't work" because we cannot identify a non-uniform force acting more on one side of the wheel than on the other. In the absence of this force, I believe that it probably doesn't work.

If it doesn't really work, then the films are cleverly faked.

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