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Exclamation Rats

Google messes up account again, can't get above links.

third party cookie block was checked. good.

my only problem i have is the links talk about currant time delay in Electromagnets. Figuera new this and ellieviated this problem out of his design by not taking his Electromagnets below half way and never zero. also very low ohmage and self inductance, this approach makes his Electromagnets very, very responsive to currant changes. just something to concider.

"The inductive discharge from the inducers should be absorbed by part G, at least in part, before it ever reaches the switching mechanism. Part G acting somewhat like a choke, reacting with counter emf, and increasing it's own magnetic field in the process."

Very well put .

it is quite comforting to know i am amoung intelligent, reasoning, mind using individuals.


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