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Many thanks for presence, glad to see you aboard. UFOP has hi regards toward you as i do myself
postimage has a desktop app that allows you to post image without going to there website. just get account API key and all pics go to your account with automatic image address for that pic. just a thought.

so what is your thought on my take of part G, just curious.



Thanks, I'm happy to contribute what I can.

I find your take on part G very intriguing and what you say makes a lot of sense to me. Using impedance to control the signal has to be the most efficient way to go.

The inductive discharge from the inducers should be absorbed by part G, at least in part, before it ever reaches the switching mechanism. Part G acting somewhat like a choke, reacting with counter emf, and increasing it's own magnetic field in the process.

Also check out pg 230. Time-constants of Electromagnets.

Hey shadow, glad you got through to join in!

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