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Very Welcome New Builders here!!

Hello to All,

Welcome to All new builders joining this beautiful Thread!!

@Cadman, you were expected anytime...but now an "official" !!

Btw, Photo bucket has been with issues for a while since they started that "Maintenance" in the middle of the week in working hours!!!...can get to Albums, takes for ever...etc,etc...I been thinking on going Add-less, since am pretty sure that is main issue...lower server capacity for selling so much Adds space becoming very annoying!!

@At Shadow119g and I am glad you found Energetic Forum through me...on You Tube maybe?

@MM, the problem here is that we all are like students of first year on Part G...while you already did this with mechanical means, we still have to go through this learning process...besides that, I must admit I do love electrodynamics...

But I love Electronics too, friend, and I will for sure get on that part in time, I love your circuit as PCB...You know I always wanted to build a sequential and programmable or adjustable timing board which could take higher is definitively required for this set up.

Hey Guys, I was reading great books...and basically Thompson Books...thanks to you Cadman!!

While back I read Thompson's work about Faraday...but that was it...

I highly recommend this Book below:


It will teach Us how to really wind those Primaries Coils, in order that they be MUCH MORE RESPONSIVE to High Changing Current how to "structure" (actually wind them in different fashion than we normally know...) in order to obtain much less magnetic AIR leakage...imagine that?

Methods of Windings (P 201)

Plus, there is a lot, but a lot of dedicated explanations related to resistance/gauge/ types of better methods and formulas, etc,etc


I believe these Books (all) are a real, real treasure...and FREE of charge!!

Enjoy it!!


Principles for the Development of a Complete Mind: Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses- especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.― Leonardo da Vinci

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