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Originally Posted by Cornboy 555 View Post


Hi Marathonman, good on you for starting your own thread.

I have been following the Figurea thread from the start and what you have revealed does make a lot of sense to me.

I am a big fan of mechanical switching so i will be using a Flat face 16 bar commutator to switch 16 equal taps on the toroid.

My main skills are mechanical and i will try to do Clemente justice with my build.

Have been hunting and gathering parts for a few weeks now, and hope to start work on my build in a few weeks time, as i am in the middle of Garlic harvest right now.

Will be watching to pick up pointers as you progress.

Best Regards Cornboy.

Hello Old Friend!!

It is great to see You here!!

Like always, beautiful color pictures of very high resolution...

I see You are going for the mechanical rotary switching, the same way I am working on...You and I love high speed spinning parts!...

In the meantime here is my Power Rotary Switch (you may have seen it before)


The reason why I build like this is to use the smallest motor available, in order to spend just "pennies" in VA energy do the switching job.

Have a happy and successful build!!


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