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Thumbs up Figuera part G

Here is a screen shot of part G before winding. three 522 va cores resined together for 1566 va total.

second shot is my two layer 16 channel timing board that got sent off to the manufacturer today. the link is to the mfg of really, really cheap good quality boards.

also my design software i use is Diptrace. i use it to design all my circuit board projects and i really like it. there is a free version you can download but is limited to 300 pins.
Download DipTrace - DipTrace

a good tool to have for calculations are Electronics Assistant

another good tool to have is PCB trace calc tool ANSI PCB Track Width Calculator

also solenoid calc tool CalcTool: Solenoid properties calculator

China PCB Prototype & Fabrication Manufacturer - PCB Prototype the Easy Way


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