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The United States sent 63 representatives to observe the election process
during the recent elections to the State Duma, the lower house of the country’s parliament,
a member of Russia's Central Election Commission responsible for international cooperation said Monday.

U.S. government denies Russia's request to monitor American
polling places on Election Day in Oklahoma, Louisiana and Texas
Russian officials requested monitoring polling places on Election Day
U.S. State Department declined the request, calling it 'a PR stunt'
Government officials said if Russian agents show up they will be put in jail
Oklahoma, Louisiana and Texas say they received requests from Russia
State law only allows voters, election officials in polling place on Nov. 8

US government denies Russia's request to monitor polling places on Election Day 2016 | Daily Mail Online

Originally Posted by Danny B View Post
EXCELLENT vid on the media;
EXCELLENT vid on the Grand Sicko; Jimmy Kimmel Children's Book for Hillary Clinton - Donald Trump Parody - YouTube
The polls that are honest show Trump way ahead. BUT, what about the experts?;

She just has SO MANY enemies;
State Department Releases 122 Clinton Emails
Ex Haitian Senate President - Clintons Are 'Common Thieves'
Over 60% In US Fear Govt Corruption Above All
The PTb have given us a common-cause.
WikiLeaks Poisons Hillary’s Relationship With Left
Our Long National Nightmare Is Just Beginning

As everyone knows, Bush was just a ventriloquist-dummy for Cheney. Alex Jones claims that Killary will be a ventriloquist-dummy for Soros.
Christianity is making a big resurgence in Russia. Soros tried very hard to disrupt everything that he could in Russia. They kicked his sorry a$$ out of the country. SO, he is now making great waves in the West trying to bring everything down,,, and at the same time, get back at Russia.
Soros is a jew and it is telling that ISIS is killing as many Christians as possible. It is also telling that Christian refugees from Syria are almost non-existent. They get no help. They get no free passage. They are left to be killed.

hillaryagenda pdf?


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