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Economic consequences of the election

I have not (as I recall) heard any pundits going out on a limb to say that a win by HRC would improve the economy. Equally, I have not heard a lot of talking heads explain how Trump will improve the economy. He, himself, of course, personally boasts constantly about how great he will be. However, I HAVE heard it expressed that there will be NO great difference between the two. This dichotomy has been bothering me in a gentle nagging way, but I was unable to resolve the issue.

Just now, a few minutes ago, it suddenly became clear to me and I want to tell somebody! Yeah! You get to hear it first.

The solution has to do with the price of oil. A big reason the price of oil is down is the recessionary environment and the lack of demand. Consumption is down and utilization of production capacity is low. Industrial interests, i.e. oil producers, need prices to go up so they cut production as much as they can but they can't cut too much because they need the cash flow. HRC will likely do nothing to rock this boat, but Trump can quickly push through the approval of the Keystone Project and work to reduce costs for American producers, relieving somewhat their costs even if prices were to be stable.

I don't want to continue explaining the mechanics, but I now see this to be a real big deal. It is doable and it is something Trump can actually achieve without "breaking the bank" if I can throw in a little pun. The bankers will grudgingly accept it and it will have a big effect. I think this by itself would be enough to deliver a huge "I told you so" to the Trump crowd. I don't know why I didn't see it earlier. It will bankrupt the Middle East and hamstring ISIS and Russia at the same time. It will probably shock China, Japan and India. With this impact I now see why the elites are so opposed to Trump. They probably have seen this coming now for several months and the only possible thing they can do to halt their global aims is to defeat Trump politically and give the election to HRC. The one thing Trump has been consistent on has been his America first theme.
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