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4 vids, the multitudinous enemies of Killary

EXCELLENT vid on the media;
EXCELLENT vid on the Grand Sicko; Jimmy Kimmel Children's Book for Hillary Clinton - Donald Trump Parody - YouTube
The polls that are honest show Trump way ahead. BUT, what about the experts?;

She just has SO MANY enemies;
State Department Releases 122 Clinton Emails
Ex Haitian Senate President - Clintons Are 'Common Thieves'
Over 60% In US Fear Govt Corruption Above All
The PTb have given us a common-cause.
WikiLeaks Poisons Hillary’s Relationship With Left
Our Long National Nightmare Is Just Beginning

As everyone knows, Bush was just a ventriloquist-dummy for Cheney. Alex Jones claims that Killary will be a ventriloquist-dummy for Soros.
Christianity is making a big resurgence in Russia. Soros tried very hard to disrupt everything that he could in Russia. They kicked his sorry a$$ out of the country. SO, he is now making great waves in the West trying to bring everything down,,, and at the same time, get back at Russia.
Soros is a jew and it is telling that ISIS is killing as many Christians as possible. It is also telling that Christian refugees from Syria are almost non-existent. They get no help. They get no free passage. They are left to be killed.
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