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DDos and the election

I found an interesting comment that refers to the latest cyber attack;

"Submitted by abundance on October 21, 2016 - 3:08pm.

on, alsi..has lots of merit

another cyber hit...and trade mkts/today was merely a "nuclear test"

My suspicion here with this DDoS attack is partially supported by the fact that my suspicions have not shown up in the MSM who would never blow the lid off this, if it were to be true.

It starts here: This presidential election is throwing down the gauntlet for the globalists. They cannot lose this election. They've built up their position through Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama and they must continue their momentum through Hillary. They've got control and domination within their reach. In 8 years, Hillary should be able to deliver the goods. They're very close to completely pushing the USA and Western Europe into enough chaos to provoke the implementation of their radical takeover plans. This is not a traditional partisan election between two American ideals. For the first time there is a major candidate (Trump) that truly threatens the globalist momentum. This truly is not just an election. This is war. Not figuratively. Literally. Behind the scenes, this election is a fight that is literally a bloodless coup (not quite...though Scalia apparently didn't bleed out when they assassinated him).

Given the context of how serious this election is to those who are unopposed to violence and subversion. This Internet attack, my suspicion, was a trial run to see how thoroughly the US Internet can be taken down. Wikileaks is 100% dependent on the Internet. They cannot disseminate their massive trove of information and data by any other means. Who is going to be able to see and read what they're releasing without the Internet? Even if they mailed out thousands of emails in a box, who would be able to read them? Who could search them? Who could distribute the information? It would take months of time to attempt to manually distribute the information and of course, national MSM paper media would not touch it. We are learning great secrets in real-time. Without the Internet this would be impossible for us.

Wiki has said the most damaging information is yet to be released. They say they're saving it for the last few days of the campaign. Now is the time to check those Internet exploits to see what effects they long can they keep the Internet in the dark. How wide can they extend the darkness? Can you imagine the Internet getting simply and unexpectedly shut now? What ability would we on this forum have for communicating as we take for granted? How would an attack on election day affect the election? How would results be tallied and data sent? There is no real electronic backup system for the Internet. Making our elections dependent upon the Internet for vital transfers of data is a tremendously risky and potentially catastrophic decision. Sure the elections can be affected and disrupted "by the Russians"...and by these globalists as well. They conveniently omit that caveat, and to be honest, the globalists are the ones with the publicly stated agenda of overthrowing capitalism and necessarily democracy with it. The smoking gun is in their hands. Not the Russians'.

So...Internet outage along the entire East Coast? The globalists have reason to disrupt both the election as well as the progress being made by Wikileaks, which despite their best efforts to blackout the Wikileaks' information via the MSM, has been very damaging to this ongoing coup attempt. They are simply reacting in real-time and testing their abilities to conduct electronic/IT warfare. Disrupting the Internet is one of their most important weapons to counterattack the effectiveness of Wikileaks, and if necessary, the elections as well.

OK...that's my "conspiracy theory" du jour. If we continue seeing these kinds of activities in the days and coming weeks before the elections, I think this theory will be given legs and validated. If the MSM trumpet the talking points that this is an attack by the Russians, we'll certainly know that my theory is true. At this point, all I've seen is speculation that maybe as in the past they're going after the banks. Again, if there are more attacks and especially if they become more effective in their reach and the length of time that they can keep up the attack and the Internet blackout, the speculations and claims that point in any other direction than the globalists, I will become even more convinced that the globalists are behind these attacks. If this is true and if this continues, be sure that we may be fed the lie that this election is like any other, but I contend it is an actual and stealthy coup.

Crazier things have been found to be true in recent years. We've seen crazy truth coming out of these Wikileaks...Scalia assassinated?!? War has already been declared. It's just been under the radar as the MSM, bought and owned by the globalists are keeping us all in the dark. Wikileaks has blown that cover, but they'll resort to nothing to find a way to stop Wikileaks. They cut of Assange's Internet and threatened Ecuador with who knows what to finally shut down Assange. But...alas...just as he said, there are others working for Wikileaks. Apparently, the globalists are not locating these truth patriots fast enough. The blanket approach of killing the Internet is their "red button" should they need to push it. Today was just a nuclear test.
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