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Playing chess with exploding knights

The Western feces-for-brains want a no-fly zone in Syria. Russia very successfully proved that it's Khibiny and Krasukha jamming systems can jam up anything. Khibiny
Russia is sending it's entire northern fleet to Syria. They will arrive in about 2 weeks.
Russia pulled out it's land based resources so that soldiers won’t get killed. It is maintaining it's base at Tartus. If it uses all sea-based forces, pax americana and NATO won't be able to easily bomb Russian forces by mistake.
The Pentagram is going to have to tell the politicians that Syria can not be attacked.
Hopefully, the anger overload with the neocons will reach critical mass,,, blow up,, and kill everything in the district of corruption.

The Russians can also jam sonar and all NATO communications.
Russian Jamming System Blocks All NATO Electronics Inside Bubble 600 Km in Diameter over Syria
The fleet will arrive off Syria close to election time.

"Russian forces in Syria have fired at least twice on Israeli military aircraft, prompting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to seek improved operational coordination with Moscow, Israel's top-selling newspaper said on Friday.

But Netanyahu, in remarks published by Israeli reporters whom he briefed by phone on his talks on Thursday with Russian President Vladimir Putin, said "there have been problems" regarding Israeli military freedom of operation in Syria." F*** israel and freedom to bomb whoever they please.
Russian forces in Syria may have fired on Israeli aircraft - Business Insider

In 2009, Netanyahu made a secret visit to Russia and demanded that Putin refuse to sell armaments to Iran. Putin personally threw him out of the Kremlin and told him that he could turn israel into a sheet of glass.
Israel, for their part has the Samson Option where they launch all of their nukes at Western cities.
This goes back to the original mentality present at the formation of israel; " General Moshe Dayan: 'Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother."
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