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Values Profile Summary
When considering Mr. Trump’s values profile in summary, we see a clear driver for status. He wants to win, be in charge, be famous, and create a legacy for himself. Combined with his penchant for making money, Mr. Trump has all the markings of an Enterprising (or Entrepreneurial) individual. Enterprising people are interested in leading others and making decisions. They are not afraid to take risks and are often quite persuasive (for better or worse). ...

Donald Trump's Values

In conclusion, the data are consistent with the assertions made by me and USA Today. People who share Donald Trump’s values are in fact more likely to support Mr. Trump. However, neither USA Today nor I can take credit for this idea. In 1956, Newcomb’s article on predicting interpersonal attraction noted that perceived similarity is an essential component of attraction. In 1972, an experimental study by Hogan and colleagues confirmed that people like those who share their interests. Finally, a paper published in 1997, showed that our attraction to those who share our values is not for nothing; teams who were congruent in their values showed decreased amounts of conflict. To sum up then, although neither USA Today nor I can get much credit for origination of this idea, we can both say that the data continue to support the notion that people like and support those who share their values.

Who Supports Donald Trump?


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