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The Quran only specifically calls for the death penalty for two crimes. The first is for intentional murder. According to verse 2:178, the family of the victim can either demand the perpetrator's death for the crime, or accept monetary compensation instead. The second crime punished by execution literally translates to “spreading mischief in the land.”

in the Hadith suggest changing one’s religion alone is not enough to warrant execution. In fact,that penalty only applies to those who leave the faith and then are found to be working against the interests of the Islamic state.

Certainly if the apostate is hostile toward the Muslims and joins the enemy in a war against them, or tries to corrupt the Muslims in the Muslim lands by trying to convert them to his/her new deviant religion, then the matter becomes different. But if a Westerner today for instance embraces Islam for a while and then changes his position due to the overwhelming false anti-Islamic media, then certainly killing that person would be a grave sin and a big mistake.

حكم المرتد في الاسلام - ذاكر نايك Dr Zakir Naik about killing murtad in islam
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