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There you have said it again.........................And it is all a lie, created by the Jinns and their ruler(Satan) that rule your Ideology

Those who believe in Allahu ta'ala[/B],(So when I believe the bible and not your moon god, I will go to hell) live by His prohibitions and commandments, and like all of them, that is,

[B]those who die Muslims
,([I]I am not muslim, so I will go to hell)[/I] will go to Paradise.

Those who do the opposite of what has been said( Said by whom?mohhamed or the Bible?) will go to Hell.

By and large, people with good morals will go to Paradise while people with bad morals will go to Hell.(the bible says that all men are sinners and no one can enter heaven by good deeds or morals but by Gods grace and through His son Jesus Christ alone)

A hadith-i sharif says (what means):
(Listen attentively; I am describing those who will go to Paradise:

They are weak, downtrodden, and incapable.(Jesus came for the down trodden and the week,not for the strong and arrogant)

When they take an oath to do something, Allahu ta’ala will certainly fulfill these Muslims' oaths. Listen, I am describing those who will go to Hell: They are severe and arrogant.) [Tirmidhi, Abu Dawud]

Which one is easier to attain?
Question: Is entering Paradise or entering Hell easier?
Both are easy. Those who believe correctly and die Muslims will go to Paradise while those who do not believe and die disbelievers will go to Hell.

The Bible says that all men not only Muslims,can go to the real heaven, not aljana,the real one,The heaven described in the Bible, if they repent and bow themselves down before the real God of the Bible,and acknowledge His son Jesus,not allah(the moon god).

It is quite obvious that you will never acknowledge the error of your ways, as you believe things that goes against the writings of your so called Prophet,and most of all the Bible, as you were most probably raised a Muslim, and does not live in the middle east, to see the horrors committed by Muslims daily.Europe is infected by this disease of Islam, and suffer greatly because of it, as the rapes, killings and lawlessness continues,but rest assured........the time of The true Lord(God) is coming and then you will see

The fact is:

Your god is a god of hate, My God is one of love
You will be killed if you leave your faith, I have a choice what to believe
Muslims wants to rule the world, Christians wants peace
It's allowed by your faith to rape, My God says it is from the devil
You are allowed 4 wives, The Bible allows one
You may take slaves, Christians despise it

You may kill non believers, Christians believe we have a choice and we do not kill.
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