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Strategic withdrawal from Syria

It appears that the momentum against Killary is great enough that Putin made himself VERY clear and is now doing a strategic retreat from Syria.

Putin does not want to give Pox Americana an excuse to attack Russia.

UNCONFIRMED Reports Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange
May Have Been Killed - Ecuador Embassy Invaded By Cops
Gingrich - Election Being Stolen By Criminal MSM
NSA Whistle - DNC Hack Not By Russia, But By US Intel
Soros OWNS Voting Machines In Key States
Machon - Fear Election Hacking By The US Establishment
New UN Chief A Globalist, Socialist, Extremist

The election now must be stolen one way or another. The original plan was to kill trump during the din of war. Puitin has changed that plan. There are a lot of influential people who are waking up fast. Maybe they/we can save the country/planet,,, maybe not.
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