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Trump and the big gamble

Obviously, the jews own the media and sincerely hate Trump. He, in his own fashion is an American patriot. They do NOT want any patriots running around loose (not leashed to israel).
Jew-media would normally just stonewall Trump and never mention his name. Trump has gambled on saying outrageous stuff that they will focus on. Against their wishes, they are forced to print him. The NY Times is devoting pages and pages to him.

Trump's gamble is that the blowback from outrageous statements will be LESS than the negative effects of them shunning him to oblivion. They believe that he is shooting himself in the foot. Killary has shot herself in every limb and orifice imaginable.
Trump's message does NOT resonate with his opponents so, they don't worry about publicising him. It DOES resonate with the dispossessed.
The JPTB are attacking him with great fury. It is said, "judge a man by his enemies". Every time that he is attacked by MSM, they have inadvertently endorsed him as being an enemy of everything that the PTB stand for.
The people who hate him, are a who's-who of the enemies of the common man.
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