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In The Wake Of A Deadly Earthquake, Friends Of Bill Clinton Received Special Treatment Even In The Most Dire Of Times


In the chaotic days following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti that killed over 200,000, requests from individuals identified as "Friends Of Bill" were given special attention by the Clinton State Department.

When asked about the State Department emails identifying "Friends of Bill," the State Department responded that it could not speak to staff emails from that time.

While the Clinton State Department sent on emails from Friends Of Bill to senior officials coordinating the U.S. response to the Haiti earthquake, offers of aid from people that did not have connections to the Clintons were cast aside.

The Clinton's marquee project was an industrial park that fell far short of its promised goals and some workers have voiced complaints of sexual assault.

The Caracol Park was engineered by top Clinton aide Cheryl Mills and the chairman of Caracol's anchor tenant invested money in Mills' new business venture.

Six months after Hillary Clinton was sworn in as Secretary of State, the State department paid an undisclosed sum to a democrat-affiliated polling firm to conduct a survey on President Clinton's popularity in Haiti.


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