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possible solution self starting magnetic motor with a brake

This has been nagging me for awhile and Im not in a positon to build this idea so anyone interested let me know
Instead of angling the inner magnets on the router lets just leave them with say north facing up and evenly spaced around the circumference.The outer 'ramps' or control device I have to explain my thoughts here as i cant send a pix or drawing and i hope someone gets it and can do that.
picture 2 tall triangles laying down sideways joined at the base with a hole thru the centerline.This is a magnet but the one triangle is the north and the other the south.The hole is the pivot point to bring north or south closer to the router.the distance from the diamond shaped magnet would have to be spaced right say starting around 10 or 20 thou and the angles of the diamond shaped magnet would have to be right say about 30 degrees each several of these diamond shaped magnets are spaced around the router but not evenly.say 2 inch gap then maybe 2.5 inch gap then maybe3 inch gap etc and then bring it back to 2.5 then 2.these are just numbers to give an idea of spacing.with a gear drive or linkage setup this could work as a self starter,brake and governor all in one.With the right circuit to regulate the RPMs then the right adjustments could made automatically for speed control as the unit is operating.You have a push side a pull side and the sticky spot should be negligable because other odd spaced diamond magnets will more than cancel that out.Can anyone grasp this what I am trying to describe here?Has this even been done by anyone before or patented?I want this to be an open sourced idea so no one can patent it if it never has been done.Comments?
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