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RU Johnson (2) 0081-0082-0083-0084-0085

RU Johnson (2) 0081


Yours to be sure,
R. U. J. Filipov

February 18

Is it time that the French have captured in the Ruhr a lot of infringements on your patents?

__________________________________________________ ____________

RU Johnson (2) 0082

March 5, 1923.

Hotel St-Regis
New York

Dear Tesla:

Thank you for the return of the volume and for writing in it.

One more trifling request. Have you any of the group photographs taken in your laboratory by your light in the old days – of Mark Twain and Crawford …

__________________________________________________ ____________

RU Johnson (2) 0083

… and you and me and others? And would you let me see there with a view to getting one for my memoirs which must be finished May 1 and for which I am collecting illustrative material now?

I am sorry you did not know the lovely woman to whom we said farewell this morning. Poor Owen is certainly unfortunate.

Benedictions on you from yours to be sure,

R. U. Johnson Filipov

__________________________________________________ ____________

RU Johnson (2) 0084

March 3 1924.


Dear Nikola:

This is to inform you that you no longer occupy first place among our Croatian friends- Tesla. Termina. PUPIN etc. That place has been taken by Balokovich a fine artist and a lovely fellow who answers letters and isn't “Stuck up” above his old friends who are tottering toward …
You are very difficile.

__________________________________________________ ____________

RU Johnson (2) 0085

… the grave, and to whom some persons will only give a passing thought when they are gone. “Johnson? Mrs Johnson? It seems to me I once heard that name somewhere”.

I hope you don't object to the way I have spoken of the great --- one Pupin in my chapter on you in my “Remember Yesterday”. Don't you think it was …

__________________________________________________ ____________
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