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"tptb perfection"

This tells you that from Central government to Local government that traitors abound in all that is the British Parliamentary system.
What will it be like as Islam gets greater powers in Central and Local government, as those traitors seek more involvement of the muslim community in the British Parlamentary system, with Mr. Cameron wanting to see a muslim Primeminister of the UK in his life time? They even now have a muslim Mayor of London, and many other cities across the uk!
An islamic central banking system is being set up in London! Our airports all have prayer facilities for muslims! Most local authorities have accomodated special facilities for all kinds of muslim activities in our towns and cities that keeps their Islamic 'religous' uniqueness' in a Christain founded society and alienates them even more from the British way of life, or any other way of life that they have invaded by immigration?
Their demands for certain 'foods' - their being offended by certain customs of we the indigenous people, and many in government conceeding to their many demands - which opens the door wider for those of the Islamic faith to make even more demands.
We are turning into a muslim state by stealth!
A Muslim Europe next?
A Muslim world?
No other community on these islands of ours are being given so many concessions to keep their religious system separate and preserved, thereby encouraging all that is Islam from intergrating with the indigenous people, not that they would anyway.This is a recipe for confrontation, that is being deliberately created by the powers that be.
The powers that be 'know' that ISLAM is the greatest menace on this planet.
All the evidence points to those traitors that control the western political system - have with deliberation and aforethought opened the doors to the white western Christian world to its greatest enemy ISLAM, and are protecting it, encouraging it, and opening the doors of power to it.
They are all worthy of death for such blatant and outrageous betrayal of all that is the white western Christian way of life.

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