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Trump's nominees for the supreme court

The Jews, the war machine and the bankers are frothing at the mouth at the prospect of a Trump presidency. It's bad enough that Trump didn't make the obligatory visit to israel that ALL candidates must make to ensure that they are loyal to the mother country. Nope, that isn't his worst offence. He did not offer the names of any jews for possible supreme-court candidates.
The Founding Fathers knew that the supreme court would always "find" for more federal power. They just couldn't think of a remedy. The mother country desperately wants continued support during and after the collapse. They want continued support long after Trump is gone.
An interregnum in the power to suck up unlimited $ billions in support of israel would probably be a death sentence. They need the supreme court as a vassal to keep the money flowing.
Israel is near civil war as it is already. Cutting off $ 10 million a day of support would push them over the edge.
The American supreme court is a plum that they can't afford to lose.
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