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RU Johnson (2) 0051-0052-0053-0054-0055

RU Johnson (2) 0051

347 MADISON Avenue
Room 1412

January 2, 1919

Dear Tesla:

Blessings on you for the third check of $500 – that is in all $1500 “on account”. You will never know how much this has done for me.

Mrs. Filipov is sending you the extract from the Evening Post.

I think you do not realize how much you are missed at 327 Lexington Ave. Some time I may be run over by a yellow mule & then you'll be sorry!

We heard today --- that Owen has just received the Legion d'Honneur, which makes me very happy.

Faithfully yours,

R. U. Johnson

__________________________________________________ _____________________

RU Johnson (2) 0052


Dear Tesla:

As April and May – the dates of “fixed charges” - draw near my thoughts turn hopefully to you. Verbum sap.

When N. T. talks of communication with the planets he is thought to be addled: When Marconi repeats the idea…

__________________________________________________ _____________________

RU Johnson (2) 0053

… it is no longer laughed at Moval: Better be second than first in some things.

Here's a secret – for the present: Egan and Van Dyke and Bertron and Plympton & others are recommending your humble servant to succeed Tom Page at Rome. Being in an unusual sense persona grata to Italians there and here I believe I might be of use but I am not hustling for the place and shall be disappointed if nothing comes of it all. …

__________________________________________________ _____________________

RU Johnson (2) 0054

… ed if nothing comes of it all. But wouldn't it be strange if that automobile would have to be delivered in the Eternal City!

Yours to be sure (in both sense of the phrase),

R. Filipov Johnson.

March 19, 1919.

__________________________________________________ _____________________

RU Johnson (2) 0055

New York, March 20th, 1919.

Robert U. Johnson, Esq.,
327 Lexington Avenue,
New York City. N.Y.

My dear Johnson:

Please excuse me for this formal reply to your letter just received. I have never been busier in my life.

As matters now stand I fear that it will not be possible for me to do anything. But I have excellent prospects and you will undoubtedly hear from me favourably within three months from now.

It seems that you have got me and that Italian promoter mixed. The fact is just the opposite but my friends do not see it so.

With best hopes for the realisation of your ambitions

Yours sincerely.

__________________________________________________ _____________________
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