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Homopolar Tornado and Magnetic Grounding to a Living Body of Water.

Although the historical backdrop to Tesla's Special Generator is Michael Faraday's Homopolar Disk, the true crux of Tesla's device is its use of Magnetic Grounding to the Earth through three stages: a large body of iron followed by a living breathing entity (capable of encapsulating water) whose connection leads to the Earth itself. William Lyne only shared with us the iron component, because that's all that Tesla allowed us to know about his device either based on his own limited understanding of the device's requirement, or more likely based on his desire to keep some important features of his device secret. It can't be underestimated how important all three elements are to effectively empower this device; especially, the intermediate stage of a living entity. This is a rare glimpse of a parallel genius at work, that of Wilhelm Reich grounding his iron tubular cloudbuster device to a moving body of fresh, life-instilling water which just happens to be linked to the Earth beneath it. We could just as easily imagine linking through a living tree rather than a body of moving water. In the case of the Nazi's use of Tesla's device, they grounded their massive iron U-Boat to the Earth through its life-bestowing ocean.

So, this triple-edged theme keeps repeating itself countless times if we care to notice.

Homopolar Tornado and Magnetic Grounding to a Living Body of Water.

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