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Charging a coil with electric force minus the presence of substantial magnetic force.

Originally Posted by Vinyasi View Post
The reason why Tesla's Special Generator, and tornadoes, are so powerful is the lack of a braking magnetic force. This braking effect is provided by a braking magnet surrounding the aluminum disc of an electromechanical watt-hour meter. Since magnetism would undermine the effectiveness of a tornado's awesome power, a braking magnet serves that purpose in a watt-hour meter. But this is avoided in Tesla's Special Generator by carrying away magnetic force via magnetic coupling of Tesla's device to the iron floor of a German U-Boat who's hull provides adequate magnetic grounding to Tesla's device.
And since only magnetic force is carried away from this device's innards by iron conduit, the remaining electric force is free to charge up the copper coiled winding (surrounding the iron tube) with useable current.

This effectively insures that Tesla's Special Generator is a converter of dielectric force capable of manifesting electromagnetic current despite the lack of magnetism in his device. This is the juicy secret of Tesla's method: he can manifest the best of Faraday's Homopolar disc without the impediment of magnetism to get in the way. This I gleaned from studying Bruce DePalma's treatise of the subject who came to the conclusion that a movement of a conductor through a magnetic field is not necessary to the creation of a current. The magnetic field may be permitted to move along with the conductor thus violating one of physicist's unswerving tenets: that current manifests relative to a conductor's motion through a field of magnetism. Only an electric field need move to create a dielectric charge -- useable as downloadable current to power a resistive load. The magnetic field of a ring magnet attached to a Homopolar disc need not move relative to its non-ferrous, metallic disc. It may remain standing still or else move along with its non-ferrous disc-component.

This interesting, and overlooked, feature to Michael Faraday's Homopolar Disc could be used to infer some other field surrounding the non-ferrous disc-component: an Aether, perhaps? Or, maybe something less exotic...our ignorance of the dielectric space charge surrounding us where ever we are located? But if this background of dielectric charge needs to be different from that of any object immersed in that background of charge in order for any object or Natural (electrodynamic) force to become capable of manifesting itself into physical reality, then this effectively defines the Aether -- relative to the numerous physical manifestations of objects and natural forces within the Aether -- for all intents and purposes.

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