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Ruphus, the Secret Service is VERY professional. When the double walked out on the street, it looked like she was trying to hail a cab. There was no security around her at ALL. If the SS refuses to play ball with a DNC plan then, it is game over. She has thoroughly pissed off the SS over the years.

Re; Trumps' "abrasive" comments. The MSM HATES him. The more abrasive he gets, the more publicity he gets. It's a game he's playing to get exposure. His message is crafted to get exposure that draws in the dis-affected without actually alienating any particular voting bloc.
He HAS alienated the masters of war and the masters of control. People see this and dismiss his abrasive comments as "grandstanding" to get exposure.
ALSO, he provoked the Hildebeest to make painfully stupid comments about the deplorables. Much of the voting public understand the difference between pandering & lies and electioneering.
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