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Right On the "Money" MarathonMan!

Originally Posted by marathonman View Post


Hello MarathonMan,

It is very nice and comforting to see that at least One single person on this whole Forum is "seeing" EXACTLY what I have been repeating over and over all over this place.

You are RIGHT ON driving EXACTLY into the real thing. The real "secret" that has been hiding for so long...

All this time we could have JUST moved THE MAGNETIC FIELD (What I call the "Virtual", Massless, Weightless Magnetic Field and of course including the Electric Field, knowing that always Both Fields come Along...).

You have got the perfect and MAIN "law" for this to take not EVER, allow for those Fields to Collapse.

About "Part G"...I built it:


Out of an Old Car Alternator slip rings...a Commutator and some brushes I designed to be able to spin at high speeds without separating from contact.

The only difference between Figuera's Patent and what I am just about the way I am exciting coils...Figuera does it in a Linear-Reciprocating (Straight Back and Forth) action, while I am doing it in a Rotary Fashion...but the principle is Exactly the same.

The bottom of all that IF We follow all the Fields "likes", we will get a perfect induction at the "Secondaries", which could be also called "The Induced Coils" or the "Generating Coils", etc,etc.

I also call this Effect to "Mutate" the Fields along the cores, without allowing them to ever collapse.

The other VERY Important that We also could do this same effect by using Only N-N or S-S facing towards the "Secondary" or "Induced"...And the advantages I see by doing this are:

1-Coils Voltage Polarity never reverses, so only One Brush could be used while connecting a "common" kind of ground to all coils in the "Primary", or DC Exciting Field...

2-This set up lead Us to use less complex Electronics circuitry for FET's to drive this translation of the Fields in Solid State, by using either a High or Low side signal, but only ONE SIGNAL, while we keep the other line directly connected to one end of the coils.

The Coils geometrical arrangement between Primaries and Secondaries could be done in any "color" we all choose...straight, linear like Figuera...or closed rotary into any shape like an Ellipse, a Toroid (like Steven Marks TPU), or simply even a square or rhomboid geometry will work as well...just because it don't long as the Induced is "sandwiched" between both Inducing or Exciting Fields as it follows a sequential, -non stop- continuous pattern.

This is the key to Free Energy guys...we spin that Virtual Field through any arrangement of ferromagnetic core elements without ever allowing it to collapse...and vualá comes free energy.

Doesn't it feels bad thinking that Mankind could have done exactly this same thing over two hundred years ago...without ever needing to rotate those super heavy, tons of heavy steel rotors to generate electrical energy?

Plus...If we consider that All Generators ever built out there...are not sweeping Double-Crossed Inducing Fields between "Secondaries" or "Generating Fields"...but just One Field at a time...that is a waste of -at least- Half of the Energy EVER Produced...

Oh did fill up the pockets of all Oil Cartels for that long...

The "Hidden, Secret Game" is over...

I am wishing you the best of luck and success in all your future builds, as am very sure you will do get there!!


Principles for the Development of a Complete Mind: Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses- especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.― Leonardo da Vinci

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