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no ranting

Excuse me ! i don't see not one once of ranting in my post.(simple english) if you can't understand the Figuera device try the advise i gave Mario, read and study the patents. that's as plain and simple as i can put it guy. wow, to blast someone for their knowledge on a particular subject is just completely wrong.
i even stated if there was a question just ask. now what do you want to know? just ask instead of blowing off at the mouth.
no one was "blown off" as quoted from you. i responded with an intelligent answer that apparently you didn't approve of and if that is the case, i cant help you their.

if you don't understand just ask!

Ps. simple experiment, as stated in my long description post, take two opposing magnets glued to a nonmagnetic strip. with a loop of coil in between. move magnets back and forth and you will see galvanometer move with double the intensity as one magnet alone.
this is the same action of the Figuera device. read about William Hooper and it might clear things up a bit, also read my excellent description post 873.

sorry you have been mislead until now.

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