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I see many people popping in on this thread over a LONG period of
time with each person pointing out with dramatics their thoughts on the
subject. Then the guys like me get lost wondering which way to turn
or thinking that maybe someone out of all these people could throw
together a quick video or even lay out an experiment that shows the
reasoning for any conclusion.

Nope. None of the above instead what we have are boasters who play
a game of cat and mouse. Next the little people chime in with real world
questions based on real principles who are shooting in the dark and always
shot down.

Why don't we all just say that none of us knows what's really going on
OR show an example to prove that you do understand. Cause I sure
don't and can't follow all of these long lines of gibberish without some
honest to goodness experiments in the said direction.

Turion and Mario both have picked good questions that were cast off
without a care, questions I would have asked if I were smart enough on
the subject, questions that looked like to me should get us all involved
with a hands on experiment.

Nope again. No way, just more speculation.

Will someone with a need to get to the bottom of this explain what this
is all about? Is there and experimental principle that anyone can show
here that gets us all to another new plane of understanding?

I mean isn't that what we are here for?

Nope, just rambling without a clue and this is making me wonder if
I am going mad.

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