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No sir, that would be incorrect.
the two primary sets are taken up and down in opposition in unison causing the formation of a double strength E field. notice i said "UNISON" because without the exact timing of both primaries one taken up, while the other down, induction will fall to the peak of the increasing electromagnet. currant is only reduced enough to clear the secondary then raised again while the other is reduced.....never off !
see both primary magnetic fields are occupying the same relative space in space, causing the two motional electric fields to form in the same direction complimenting each other so when the unison motion is broken, induction will fall to the peak of one electromagnet. this very fact has eluded many replicators to the point of putting the research down when in their frustration they failed to realize this very fact.

also, there is no collapsing field to be collected in the Figuera device "EVER". if bemf is present, induction will fall to the peak of one. as the increasing electromagnet basically shoves the decreasing electromagnet out of the secondary, the energy in that confined space of the core will be shoved out the back of the primary feeding part G's core being stored like an inductor, to be used in the next half rotation of the brush. this very action allows the Figuera device to be self sustaining.
part G's opposing fields allows this action to take place blocking the field energy from draining out, thus allowing the declining electromagnet to feed it every half turn of the brush.

i would suggest you study all figuera patents before you attempt replication or further postings to grasp the concept of Figuera's dream device.
go to Hanon's web site and download all the patents and study till your eyes bulge out.

if you have any questions please feel free to contact me and i will explain the best i can. i have 10's of thousands of hrs study and research in the Figuera device, basically devoted my life to it.


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