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The timing circuit i chose is a Schmitt inverter ic through an AND then decade counters. the output is protected by high power Photodarlington Output Optocouplers. i also gave the board the ability to adjust the make before break timing giving me a little more control. i chose to mount the high power PNP Mosfets on a separate board so i can have maximum thermal management, encasing the two fin sets to form a tunnel to be cooled by a set of fans in a push pull set up. the fan control board i designed allows me to use three fan sets if so needed with thermal adjustments to be set for what ever temp i so choose.
by the design parameters i so chose, i will have the ability to completely mimic the rotation of the original part G device while maintaining all it's proper functions while remaining motionless in it's operation.

contrary to certain Figuera followers, part G can "NOT" be omitted if self sustainment is to be the goal. if the inductive kick back from the declining electromagnet being shoved out the secondary is not preserved and stored for later use, then self sustainment will NEVER be attained. you will end up with a device that needs a constant power supply and that is not what we want. then all you have left is a complicated "transformer" but certain individuals can not grasp this concept of reality and so chose the easier path of ignorance and deception instead of studying and researching the patents in depth.


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