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Yes, there has been a replication of the 1908 patent but unfortunately he does not or rather will not come forward. i guess he is protecting his family and i can respect that.
according to him, he took an 100 amp alternator that has brushes built into the fan hub assembly and converted it into part G controller. he said the key to non sparking was the grinder he used to grind a flat spot on the wire face. he said he ground it at the speed which the device operated at and that the finished device had so little wear in operation that he was completely taken by surprise.

after months and months of intense study of part G, it's rotation and interactions with the rest of the system, i realized i could use PNP transistors on the high side to mimic the rotation of the brush. in a make before break set up, i could replace the rotating brush to make the system completely non moving and still function just like the original part G should all while allowing the receding electromagnet's inductive kick back into part G as it is shoved out of the secondary core to allow self sustainment. if one was to place taps at certain intervals around the core with PNP Mosfets in a make before break scenario, rotation could be completely synthesized and operate in the same manor as the original device parameters.

i have designed a timing board to allow an adjustment of the make before break timing and the power Mosfet board but i'm not ready to place it in prime time just yet, still need a few tweeks. the cooling fins can be had on ebay for a decent price but the power Mosfets are really expensive.

PS. i forgot to tell you, the device replication has been running for a year and a half at 5 kilowatt output with plans to expand to 15 kilowatt to be completely grid free.


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