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Hi marathonman,

I tried following the thread on OU for a while but got tired real quick of all the arguing about which way was the best way to build this device. I just reread again your excellent description of how the device works. I have studied the drawings quite a bit also and I agree with your assessment of how it works. My question is has anyone actually built a modern version of this device and gotten it to work? And has anyone come up with a relatively easy way to make this device solid state? I have some ideas about that but as the title says why reinvent the wheel if someone else has already got a nice solid state circuit designed. I am thinking a couple of power transistors driven in class A amplifier mode by two sine waves 180 degrees apart should allow you to control both coils as you describe. Thanks for any info you can share.

I disagree with you on one point. Overall AC has a lot more advantages than DC. But in certain situations and devices DC has the advantage and this device is certainly one of those.

Just because someone disagrees with you does NOT make them your enemy. We can disagree without attacking someone. This means YOU especially BroMikey.
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