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Thank Aaron for the Update on THOMAS BROWN.

The guy admittedly has ties to the 4 square Brotherhood or masonic
folks. These people have a weird-O ideology if you ask me. Drugs and
human trafficking is one of the many requirements to keep rank inside.

This is going to sound strange to you but I'll say it anyway. I have had
people come to me over the last 30 years for prayer to help them for
many normal things but when people do rituals ever ignorantly great
power can be unleashed. I have had guy tell me they went to Churches
where they were induced into these secret order groups and at the time
they did not know what was happening. Like a baptist he thought.

I have had people who were on the run after becoming part of these groups
who moved away where no one could ever find them and the High Priest
could just pick up the phone and dial his number no mater where he went.

There are so many other stories I could relay but bottom line is these
people play for keeps and the only way Brown got off that easy is that
he is well loved on the inside so the others were set up to take the

All we can do is to warn people in the Masonic Lodge that higher degrees
require satanic sacrifices. One of the most powerful sacrifice to Luey is
to use drugs to desecrate the temple (Human Body)

This is where the door swings open and millions go in. Brown is a loved
man on the inside I will tell you that by the sentencing. His house arrest
means nothing as I have even seen where the companies who issued the
bracelets were bought off by the big money a few weeks later. These
companies just mysteriously go out of business. No more local shops.

He is involved with a crime syndicate and for 30 years he has probably
done this and after the little charade in court the popcorn peanut chump
change will magically melt away into the right pocket and the books will
be wiped clean. Business as usual. He won't have 30 more years left
to do the same thing, instead his time will be up, his number called and
he will stand before his maker as a fool.


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