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It is actually very easy to see why Figuera chose DC over AC.
all you have to do is make two column's for each one, one positive aspects and one negative. you will see the negative aspects under AC fill up rather fast as does DC positive aspects.
DC electromagnets are far superior to AC electromagnet on many levels and remain in the knee of the hysteresis curve reaching efficiency levels unobtainable by AC, plain and simple. then by varying the currant slightly with part G, a constant E field is attained in the same relative space of the secondary from both primary electromagnets, just as Maxwell and Faraday had predicted and William Hooper had proven 70 years later.
no fairytale pixi dust needed like in other proposals, just a simple part G magnetic device that splits the currant into two separate feeds from opposing magnetic fields, allowing each feed to be varied in currant in complete unison.

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