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Thomas Joseph Brown found guity for tax evasion

Originally Posted by marathonman View Post
Quote;"You can be willfully ignorant of the truth if you want but the facts are indisputable"
It is completely laughable at best, hundreds if not thousands of people have been put in prison, jail or even murdered from false allegation derived from corrupt individuals in corporate American with ties to corrupt Governments. it can be seen now almost on a daily basis and for an individual to believe a Corporate owned media and Corporate controlled judicial system is telling the truth is living in a complete fantasy land and most likely benefiting from it in some shape or form.
suppression at it's finest, just kill them or charge them with false allegation to imprison them to stop the flow of truth.
sound familiar ?
Thomas Joseph Brown ADMITTED to tax evasion in court for money he took as a consultant to create legal versions of crystal meth amphetamines.

He even brought the court a $10,000 check as a "goodwill gesture."

These are not false allegations, he admitted to it and was found guilty.

Deal with it.
Aaron Murakami

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