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Tom Brown found guilty in court

Originally Posted by marathonman View Post
I believe not a single word of these post of Thomas Joseph Brown. total hogwash as many entities have been trying to discredit him for years. sick individuals on this thread have been linked to false allegations and down right lying to benefit from from this type of situation. some even paid by Government and Corporations to discredit an individual. that is why the complete fabrication of these false allegations caused her to kill herself. does this mean anything to you AM as your past from many individuals are shaky at best.
You can be willfully ignorant of the truth if you want but the facts are indisputable: Bankrupt beneficiary evaded $119,000 in tax - Northern Advocate - Northern Advocate News

He was found guilty in court for tax evasion and had quite a few months of house arrest AND it was because of him taking money from a company as a consultant and never paying taxes while milking the welfare system of New Zealand - Money came from his help in designing legal versions of crystal methamphetamines while the hypocrite accuses others of being drug addicts. Common low life scum.
Aaron Murakami

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