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First and foremost: Thanks for your continuous work on this thread!

Did Tesla ever used an Oudin coil to transmit power?
I do not believe he did? Why would he? I don't believe it would even be possible in the quantities that Tesla was thinking of.
When do you think you will start testing and how will you tap in to test the power transmission? Can we help?

Are you planning to test the transmission over a great distance?
The first tests will concern power generation rather than transmission.
But when we'll test transmission, we'll pick it up where we left it (at 50 m) and take it from there. We can test a few 100 Km, about 10,000 Km and perhaps the boys from Brazil can help test almost 20,000 Km. It is funny to see that many people offer help on this particular point. Maybe at some point, if our tests are successful I can publish details on how to build a receiver and do a worldwide test. But I do not expect that anytime soon.

How deep is your ground tap? (Down to water table depth?)
I have two 15 m and two 17 m deep. Ground water is at 10 m.

Tesla used scale type plates in the dome of the transmitting tower, would it be more efficient at creating the ionization needed in the surrounding fluid (term used by Tesla in his flying machine patent)
There are many points on which my system could be improved, we just want a proof of concept for now.

This part is from far off memories. The Earth ground resistance is about 300 Ohm?, how much current would that setup push through it?
As much as we can. I have no figures on that yet.

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