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One Sisyphus project in modern Physics.
Scientists try to unify four fundamental forces:
electromagnetic, strong, weak and gravity.
In 1979 the Nobel Prize was awarded to physicists who
merged electromagnetic and the weak nuclear forces in a single
framework: electroweak theory.
Uniting the strong force with the electroweak picture has not been easy.
However, many physicists believe that at very high energies, the
electroweak and the strong forces would behave as one.
That unification is known as the search for a “grand unified theory”
The theory that may finally include all four fundamental forces as one
(electromagnetic, strong, weak and gravity) is known as the search
for a “theory of everything”.
My opinion.
So, on a large macro cosmic scale scientists gathered all masses and
energies into “ singular point” and on a micro scale this picture repeat
itself when scientists try to merge all four forces at very high
energies as one.
I call this scientific plan to understand micro world as a “Sisyphus project”.
Because behavior of particles at very high energies was explained
by Paul Dirac in 1928. According to Dirac at a “sea of vacuum”
quantum particles (forces) will be changed into virtual particles
with negative energy / mass: -E= Mc^2. (!)
This “sea of vacuum” is an infinite continuum and it is some kind of
infinite energy and it is full with infinite numbers of particles: –E=Mc^2.
From these Dirac’s negative particles the creation and evolution of
existence was started. From Dirac’s “sea of vacuum” and negative particles
of energy / mass -E= Mc^2 “the theory of everything” begins its way.
Best wishes.
Israel Sadovnik Socratus.
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