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RU Johnson (2) 0031-0032-0033-0034-0035

RU Johnson (2) 0031

Monday Nov. 27, 1916.


Dear Nikola:

We want you to drive with us Thanksgiving and Christmas evenings as in the old days. Will you not come?

It is a great sorrow that we see nothing of you whom we dearly love and who are so much to us. Surely our affection and confidence and sympathy cannot be matter of indifference to you, and we greatly need yours.

Private: I have an --- --- …

__________________________________________________ ____________________

RU Johnson (2) 0032

… --- operation which I am trying to stave off till --- return from France in January, and I wish to have a happy celebration of the Holidays for the sake of the young folk. In itself the operation is not dangerous I am told but at my age any chopping up is more serious than at yours – for one news --- what treason is lurking inside the fort.

Little Robby is with us and he is showing great interest in mechanical things. He is an adorable child and my imagination pictures a great future for him. I should like him to carry a vivid impression of you in his manners …

__________________________________________________ ____________________

RU Johnson (2) 0033

… of you in his manners.

Be good and come to us at seven o'clock on Thursday. Send me a line.

Affectionately thine,


To Nikola Tesla from his old friend R. U. Johnson.

__________________________________________________ ____________________

RU Johnson (2) 0034

The Waldorf-Astoria. (Logo)

New York, Dec. 19th, 1916

Dear Nikola:

We will let you off from the thanksgiving dinner but may we not depend on you for Christmas?

Did you see my poem in the Times of Dec. 15 on “The New Slavery”?

I much wish to see you. Awaiting your response,

Faithfully R. Luka Johnson

__________________________________________________ ____________________

RU Johnson (2) 0035

December 21, 1917.


Dear Nikola:

We want you to come to Christmas dinner at 7 o'clock to meet on the family including a lonely young lady.

Come back to 327 Lexington Avenue and all will be forgiven.

Some of us will be dead …

__________________________________________________ ____________________
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