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RU Johnson (2) 0026-0027-0028-0029-0030

RU Johnson (2) 0026

Room 411.
70 Fifth Ave., New York.
February 10, 1916.

Dear Tesla:

Will you be my guest at the Author's Club, Carnegie Hall, 56th St., entrance, February 17th, at 8:15 P.M. sharp.? There is to be demonstration of Trans-continental Telephony in conjunction with Bohemian Club of San Francisco with supper afterwards. Each guest is to have a telephone receiver.

Faithfully thine,

R. U. Johnson's

__________________________________________________ ___________________

RU Johnson (2) 0027

Waldorf, February 11, 1916

My dear Luka:

I am very much obliged to you for the hospitality preferred but to my regret it will be impossible for me to come for reasons which hardly need explained.

At this moment I am busier than ever before and, besides, I have very little interest in the experimental demonstration.

Yours sincerely,

R. U. Johnson, Esq.,
327 Lexington Ave.,

__________________________________________________ ___________________

RU Johnson (2) 0028

Room 411.
70 Fifth Ave., New York.
March 1, 1916.

Dear Tesla:

When that Nobel prize comes, remember that I am holding on to my house by the skin of my teeth and desperately in need of cash!

No apology for mentioning the matter.

Yours faithfully,


__________________________________________________ ___________________

RU Johnson (2) 0029

April 2, 1916


Dear Nikola:

I have been in Washington nearly two weeks and I should have written you before to say that I am sorry I wrote you my last note I did not know how strenuous things were with you. Dont think me unfeeling, and I shall let my own troubles go hang, ratter then thank you again on the subject. We can sympathize with each others at least.

If you see any poignant

__________________________________________________ ___________________

RU Johnson (2) 0030

story of the Serbian horror do let me see it with to write of your race and its heroism.

My new book will have to go to press next week, I mean this week without anything about Serbia in my Poem of the Great War.

Believe me my dear fellow, always faithfully thine,

Luka J

__________________________________________________ ___________________
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