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Breaking news

Stephen J Crothers has deduced that the CMBR is Earth proximal (from Earth's atmospheric water vapor), that the validity of Planck's constant value is weak and suspiciously obtained, and Kirchoff's law as applied to black body radiation is no law at all. This is how Planck derives his h constant and may be striking at the heart of quantum theory too. Black body radiation applied to gases is a fundamental flaw of CMBR theory of the Big Bang. The big bang, cosmology's primary theory of the origin of the universe is as bad and false as Einsteins theories of Relativity. Details soon... Modern physics and cosmology are looking very sick.

Stephen's paper on Heat Radiation

Check him out on youtube: Stephen Crothers destroys black holes and General Relativity and many more on the CMBR etc.

He says the microwave shielding on earth's side for COBE, WMAP and Planck satellites cannot and did not shield the satellites from earth-based microwave radiation from water vapor. If so, what a boondoggle by NASA and European space agencies. And all the research at all the colleges and universities are a waste and nothing more than a con operation to funnel tax dollars to those that support the agenda. And all those "great" astrophysicists who love to get their mug on TV and drone on and on about the big bang, just think either dupe, fraud or con.
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